In February 1987 Metallica gave two concerts in Poland. For the musicians and their crew this was a trip behind the mythical „Iron Curtain”. They visited a world known to them only from history lessons and the news section. The biggest metal band – on their way to the top – stopped in a country where their albums were hardly available. After a few days of this crazy adventure, meeting with fans and looking at the daily lives of Poles, the band leaves with memories that will stay with them forever. And with a flag, a gift from Polish fans that still adorns one of the walls in their headquarters in San Francisco. This is a story about music and about people – those on stage and those in front of it, who are equally important.



"The book „Metallica Poland 1987. Behind the Iron Curtain” sends me back in time, letting me experience the concert through those absolutely unique, extraordinary photos, which have not been published before. Over 120 pages of evidence of the event that was unprecedented not only in Poland, but also in the central-eastern part of Europe. I am convinced that the described shows were in 1987 a cultural clash that connected Poles to the big world and also another kick in the wall that fell down two years later."
Adam Nergal Darski
(Behemoth, Me and That Man)
" This is a story of a concert that shook metal Poland and gave it hope for a better future. I had shivers down my spine when reading the book and felt the adrenaline coursing through your veins before entering the stage or meeting the band you’ve wanted to see for years. I can only imagine the delight felt by the lucky fans who were in Spodek in February 1987 and saw the biggest band in the world… Metallica!"
Wacław Vogg Kiełtyka
(Decapitated, Machine Head)
"The revolution started on the West Coast of the USA and… broke through the Iron Curtain. There was a day when four long-haired lads, dressed in leather and denim, came to Poland. The show itself and the whole way to get there is still recalled at thrash meetings of the veterans of the Polish metal underground. For me (for US!) it was just as important as The Rolling Stones show in Poland had been for our fathers."
Piotr Peter Wiwczarek


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